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As seasoned professionals leave the workforce, the risk of losing valuable and often silent knowledge looms large. Yet, collecting this tacit knowledge holds immense potential for future growth and success, both on individual and organizational levels. Join us as we explore the future and take a look at how silent knowledge can change the way we work and learn!

One of the primary goals in the future of work is to blur the boundaries between working and learning. We have a vision at edisconet where people no longer separate their professional activities from their educational pursuits in the future. Instead, they would effortlessly gain knowledge while performing their regular work tasks.

Embedding Knowledge into the Working Process

A significant challenge for organizations is ensuring that the necessary knowledge is readily available when needed. Often, employees encounter situations where they lack essential information or are unaware of its importance. To address this, the integration of tacit knowledge into the working process itself becomes crucial. By embedding relevant knowledge into routine tasks, employees can access information seamlessly and optimize their performance.

Supporting Innovation and Unique Tasks

Not all tasks can be easily documented or anticipated. In these situations, individuals will be able to rely on artificial intelligence (AI) and other supporting processes to identify and capture crucial knowledge. Our goal at edisconet is to create a working environment where the AI system recognizes the need to gather specific information or record unique experiences. By incorporating these technologies, employees can enhance their abilities to complete innovative and complex tasks.

Time Efficiency and Expertise Development

Seamlessly integrating learning into business processes can enable employees to save time and develop expertise simultaneously. That’s why at edisconet we envision a future where learning and training will become embedded within the everyday work routine. This integration will empower employees to acquire new knowledge without even requiring dedicated time or training sessions! 

How do we achieve this in the future? 

edisconet is currently developing a platform that utilizes advanced artificial intelligence techniques, such as scripted interviews conducted by AI which records and transforms spoken knowledge into a usable format stored within databases. By employing artificial intelligence, the Silent Knowledge project seeks to seamlessly convert tacit expert knowledge into new learnings, at the same time optimizing the training process for newcomers. We do this in collaboration with leading institutions such as the University of Florence and the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, and by being an active partner of the Swiss EdTech Collider and focus50plus.

Interested? Participate in the Silent Knowledge project!

We are actively seeking partnerships with other Swiss companies. Participating in the project involves two 30-minute interviews. By becoming part of the initiative, you will be among the first ones to receive our project’s findings and insights. Don’t miss out on the chance to unlock the power of tacit knowledge in your organization and secure its future. Get in touch with us today and be a part of this innovative project.

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