Dirk Zimanky & Bettina Bohlmann-Learning and Learning systems

Do you know why some learning platforms inspire and others tend to destroy the good feeling from a live event? Or what is the difference between eLearning and a real learning culture?

About the background of my question: Promoting a learning culture in the company that supports continuous learning and encourages employees to constantly expand their skills and knowledge is a “MUST” nowadays for various reasons. Not only for corporations, but also for SMEs.

How to develop a learning culture is a science in itself. That’s why for me this means not stopping exchanging ideas with other experts on this topic in order to share my knowledge and learn about mistakes, new findings and technical achievements at an early stage. You know… “Build alliances!”

One of these highly esteemed experts and thought leaders is the successful entrepreneur Dirk Zimanky, with whom I recently had the pleasure of speaking on this topic.

Here are a few excerpts and key statements from our dialogue:

  • “There are learning methods and eLearning formats that literally destroy the positive mood and enthusiasm from live events.”
  • “Interaction is a key element of learning. Platforms that don’t provide opportunities for discussion, feedback, or collaboration are missing out on an important component of the learning process.”
  • “It’s important to track content usage and learners’ progress to ensure that the content is working and that the intended learning journey is being embraced.”
  • “Experience instead of preaching: That’s why short, focused learning units and exciting transfer tasks that address and practice specific skills or knowledge are a mandatory format in today’s world.”
  • “The psychological safety of being able to go into a learning process without losing one’s image is the basis for a real learning culture. If users or participants feel that their data is not secure or that questions and mistakes in the application of new techniques are ridiculed, neither the latest learning platform nor a live event will have an impact.”

excerpt from Bettina Bohlmann (consultant & c-level coach) discussion with the CEO of edisconet Dirk Zimanky