edisconet collaboration with Sinnfabrik and Stefan Klöckl

PRESS RELEASE – Switzerland, 21 March 2024 – edisconet, the one ecosystem for multiple learning paths, has partnered with the esteemed training organization Sinnfabrik, and its CEO Stefan Klöckl. Sinnfabrik specializes in working with small and medium-sized companies, focusing on empowering co-creators and customers to reach their full potential in leadership, public speaking, and personal development.

Dirk Zimanky, the CEO of edisconet said: “We are happy to welcome Sinnfabrik and Stefan Klöckl to the edisconet family and look forward to the fruitful collaboration to benefit our customers. Sinnfabrik’s dedication to supporting companies and individuals  in leadership, public speaking, and personal development aligns perfectly with edisconet’s aim to promote high values in the workplace, focusing on creating a more collaborative and empowering learning and business transformation environment. By joining forces with Sinnfabrik, I am convinced we can provide even more tailored and impactful learning solutions to the clients.”

“Our mission at Sinnfabrik is to inspire you to push your limits,” said Stefan Klöckl, CEO of Sinnfabrik. He added: “This is exactly where I see a strong link between edisconet and Sinnfabrik; we both support individuals, and therefore businesses, in their development by inspiring, encouraging, and inviting them to take new paths, and thus leaving a mark on their and others’ lives.”

Stefan Klöckl, CEO of Sinnfabrik, is an expert in leadership, personality and team development, customer enthusiasm, and presentation. His dedication to fostering a culture of learning, and development within companies makes him a valuable addition to edisconet’s platform.

About Sinnfabrik:

The Sinnfabrik is a boutique for business training. Our work focuses on small and medium-sized companies, where the spotlight is on co-creators and customers. We support these companies and their people in developing their potential. Our training courses are simple, practical, experiential and immediately applicable. We work with companies that share our ethical and moral values – more humanity in the workplace. More information: www.sinnfabrik.ch

About edisconet:

edisconet is a single-sign-on online ecosystem for multiple learning paths created to support businesses and to facilitate large-scale transformation processes. The platform integrates existing learning management systems and solutions from strategic partners, and derives relationships between learning success and business impact by connecting, evaluating, and analyzing relevant business data – a feature that makes it a unique solution in the whole e-learning market. More information: edisconet.com