edisconet becomes a Startup member of Swiss EdTech Collider

PRESS RELEASE – Switzerland, 5 February 2024 – edisconet, the online ecosystem for multiple learning paths, has been accepted as a Startup-Member of the Swiss EdTech Collider, Switzerland’s leading collaborative membership space dedicated to empowering ambitious entrepreneurs who are reshaping education and learning through the innovative use of technology. By becoming a Startup-Member, edisconet joins a community of like-minded visionaries committed to reshape learning and education through technology.

“We are thrilled to join forces with the Swiss EdTech Collider,” said Dirk Zimanky, CEO and co-founder of edisconet. “This membership provides us with a unique opportunity to collaborate with fellow innovators, exchange ideas, and drive transformative change through learning in organizations. At edisconet, we passionately work on the AI assisted learning ecosystem that holds people in their heart and supports the human learning experience with AI tools.”

Through its membership in the Swiss EdTech Collider, edisconet gains access to a vibrant ecosystem of educators, investors, researchers, and entrepreneurs who share a common passion for leveraging technology to revolutionize learning and education. This collaborative environment fosters creativity, facilitates knowledge exchange, and fuels the development of groundbreaking solutions.

The acceptance of edisconet as a Startup-Member by the Swiss EdTech Collider underscores the company’s strong commitment to pushing the boundaries of learning technology. edisconet is constantly looking to collaborate with innovative technology and service partners to enhance its platform with fitting technologies and advanced services.

About Swiss EdTech Collider:

The Swiss EdTech Collider, a not-for profit association founded by learning sciences experts in 2017 and located in the dynamic and vibrant EPFL Innovation Park in close proximity to LEARN – EPFL’s Center for Learning Sciences in Lausanne, is Switzerland’s leading collaborative and membership space dedicated to ambitious entrepreneurs transforming education and learning through technology. The Swiss EdTech Collider is an Official Digital Innovation Hub DiH of the European Commission since 2020 and also a member of the European EdTech Alliance EEA.
More information: edtech-collider.ch/ 

About edisconet: 

edisconet is a single-sign-on online ecosystem for multiple learning paths created to support businesses by linking training to KPI performance. The platform integrates existing learning management systems and solutions from strategic partners and derives relationships between learning success and business impact by connecting, evaluating, and analyzing relevant business data – a feature that makes it a unique solution in the whole e-learning market. 
More information: edisconet.com