Edita Kvrgic - edisconet associated trainer

Meet Edita Kvrgic, our new associated trainer bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the team! 

With a strong background in leadership roles within the life science sector and a specialization in 360-degree recruitment management, Edita is well-equipped to lead teams through comprehensive hiring processes. With academic background in Business Psychology and additional training in coaching (SVEB) allows her to approach challenges with a strategic and people-centric mindset enabling her to navigate complex business environments and bring results-driven solutions.

We asked Edita about her experience working with edisconet, and this is what she shared: “Working with edisconet is impressive due to its innovative spirit, collaborative culture, and commitment to excellence. The supportive environment fosters growth and allows for impactful work, aligning closely with my personal values and inspiring daily excellence. The platform impressed me with amazing AI capabilities that can be used in different ways, as well as it is the best product in whole Europe, in my opinion. And working with amazing people makes it really special!“

Thank you Edita – we are thrilled to collaborate with you!