edisconet is designed to support every part of the organisation
– from the employees in all departments to the top management.

involve business performance & controlling

one of the key questions in corporate learning is its impact on the business results & performance & how to make it more visible to the rest of the company. additionally, the training plans can differ strongly between units & the business benefits are often based on “beliefs” rather than measurable facts. this makes their mid & long-term monitoring overly complicated & the real impact on your business’s key performance indicators obscure.

involve your finance & controlling team in your company’s learning activities for greater measured effectiveness & tangible improvements in the business. 

show correlation between learning & the standard business key performance indicators 

bring training to the centre of your company’s value creation &  enable transparency for fact-based decision-making on learning investments & return on investment. 

link each learning experience towards a selected set of business KPIs for direct impact

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