edisconet is designed to support every part of the organisation
– from the employees in all departments to the top management.

managing skills as a key value generator

managing training in a global company can be complex: from unclear responsibilities between departments to different physical locations of offices. this gets especially challenging as in-person gatherings have become restricted & costly. add to this lack of visibility on learning & career paths within the organisation and employees’ individual workload or lack of motivation…

generating strategic input in a collaborative manner company-wide

empower all managers on all levels, incl. supporting managers, to focus on leadership and development of their teams while the rest is taken care of by edisconet

enable a clear & objective view of the available skillsets with easy data collection

provide a transparent set of monitoring for all managers

give a unified company-wide learning experience & transparent career planning for employees and their managers

ensure strategy execution

your organization is about to launch a new strategy yet many questions need solving such as: what is the existing base of skillsets available & how to match them with the strategy implementation? are there resource & skillset gaps, and what are they? how to develop a knowledge base fit to execute the strategy? how to achieve maximum clarity about the strategy among your employees & drive employee engagement & satisfaction?

analyze the availability of fitting resources & spot where the lack is due

regularly monitor the understanding of your strategy & the company values

identify & close the gaps by being proactive & secure a successful strategy implementation

promote the strategy & the values, and ensure strong alignment across the organisation 

increase your employee happiness and engagement 

are you a business owner and interested in developing edisconet for your needs?