Howspace and edisconet form a strategic partnership to transform learning experiences

edisconet, a single-sign-on online ecosystem for multiple learning paths, has joined forces with Howspace, marking a strategic partnership to support businesses and organizations in pursuing transformative learning and collaborative experiences. Howspace is a primary partner of edisconet.

edisconet, at the forefront of engaging employees through meaningful and rewarding learning journeys, provides a comprehensive solution enriched by a network of associated trainers, coaches, creative workspace designers, and esteemed technology partners, including Howspace. This encompasses user-friendly tools and cutting-edge language technologies, all enhanced by state-of-the-art AI features seamlessly integrated into an extensive service network.

The synergy between edisconet and its technology partners empowers organizations to establish dynamic learning and collaboration environments without the need for coding expertise. Users can craft personalized experiences that engage and motivate participants using a simple drag-and-drop editor. The platform’s interactive widgets ensure effective and enjoyable experiences for both participants and facilitators.

Thomas Häberer, CTO of edisconet AG, emphasizes the importance of engaging and rewarding collaborative experiences for sustainable learning and change. “Our platform offers a wide range of learning options and covers the various paths organizations need to take in an easy-to-operate tool – almost intuitive. As a growing ecosystem, edisconet and its strategic partners are developing exciting features to come, particularly by seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence, which will further improve its effectiveness and ease of use, in line with our motto ‘learning by heart’.”  

The strategic partnership between edisconet and Howspace signifies a shared commitment to advancing transformative learning experiences and underscores the dedication to making collaborative endeavors more accessible and enjoyable. 

“We are impressed with edisconet’s business insight and extensive expertise in transformative learning, and that’s why we are excited about the emerging opportunities this partnership will bring us. The partnership helps us enter new markets, and edisconet brings new growth opportunities via its vast networks,” comments Ulla Luukas, Head of Partnership Channel of Howspace.

About edisconet:

edisconet is a single-sign-on online ecosystem for multiple learning paths, created to support businesses by linking training to KPI performance. The platform integrates existing learning management systems and solutions from strategic partners and derives relationships between learning success and business impact by connecting, evaluating, and analysing relevant business data – a feature that makes it a unique solution in the whole e-learning market. More information:

About Howspace:

The Howspace platform is designed to empower organizations to drive growth and sustainable impact through limitless involvement. We believe that engaged people can transform anything. Our platform enables leaders to involve people in transformation and change. The platform adapts to any journey and promotes limitless involvement by design, enabling sense-making and engagement supported by interactive, real-time AI.