The Future of Silent Knowledge – Blending work and learning seamlessly into work processes_Dirk Zimanky_CEO edisconet
2-minute read As seasoned professionals leave the workforce, the risk of losing valuable and often silent knowledge looms large. Yet, collecting this tacit knowledge holds immense potential for future growth and success, both on individual and organizational levels. Join us as we explore the future and […]
edisconet Dirk Zimanky Silent Knowledge
In a wrap-up of Dirk and Serge participating in the General Assembly of focus50plus on 15 May, they have been summarizing some of the discussions with the participants: In today’s fast-paced world, organizations face a pressing challenge – the risk of losing valuable knowledge when experienced […]
edisconet and HSLU Secure Funding from Innosuisse for “Silent Knowledge”, an Innovative AI Project
PRESS RELEASE – Switzerland, 27 May 2024 – edisconet, one ecosystem to preserve tacit knowledge within organizations through AI and learning tools, is proud to announce a collaboration with research partner Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU) to receive funding for their project “Silent knowledge. […]