edisconet is designed to support every part of the organisation
– from the employees in all departments & various roles to the top executives & the board.

administration matters made straightforward

administrators with different roles, either from IT & systems, or business to content creation often struggle with the complexity of managing multiple applications and platforms. this can be very time-consuming and over-complex. in addition, they lack transparency on the impact between different applications and miss valuable feedback from the users.

manage time & reduce complexity by doing all your actions only once from a single platform

benefit from a single source of system support, no matter what action & application you’re working on

get a clear overview of your portal management’s impact on different applications

receive direct user feedback & improve your training & user experience in real-time

all user management done from one place

managing user accounts and controlling access rights on different IT solutions that your company is using on a daily bases can be a true headache for the expert and the company. Besides being very time-consuming, this way of working often leads to subject-matter expertise resulting in additional pressure on one individual and creating a knowledge vacuum in the company. 

easily create & manage user accounts on a single platform for all the tools

provide easy access for as many administrators as needed in your team 

empower your team & save time by focusing on more important IT matters

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