edisconet is designed to support the needs and enhance the reach & benefit of different learning systems.
by always having the end customer in mind.

simple access to multiple systems

are you looking to enhance your learning system? …add more services? …complete the set of features? but the challenge is to find resources to develop your own solution.
…or would you need to implement multiple different systems to cover your set of needs?

access a wide range of additional data to potentially develop new services

provide simple single access to multiple learning platforms & content providers 

benefit from edisconet’s network & widen your number of clients, trainers, advisors & promotors

reach beyond HR departments & have a positive impact on your client’s key performance indicators

seamlessly integrate your system for ease of use for the end customers. 

enhance & grow your system through additional features & content provided through edisconet

are you interested in trying out edisconet?